Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter Veg Day

In between yesterday's flurries of snow I paddled up to the vegetable patch and picked a selection of veg to use over the next few days. Brussel sprouts were the obvious selection. I also picked a few heads of fennel, two small swedes and some cavolo nero and several sticks of chard.


The potatoes are in the cellar along with the remnants of the onion crop, the garlic bulbs, some celeriac, four medium sized marrows and three cucumbers. The cucumbers are only just beginning to turn yellow. I was also able to pick some salads and radish from beneath their protective fleece.


It is quite remarkable just how much veg is still available at this time of year without having recourse to Mr. Supermarket. I have to acknowledge that I do get a bit of a kick out of not having to traipse along to Sainsbugs for my five a day.


Maybe, just maybe, I will have a source of protein on tap by this time next year. I am considering purchasing three or four chickens to provide a supply of eggs and the occasional carcass for the pot. The wringing of the neck and the disembowelling is a bit off putting although one of my friends has nominated himself as my personal Mr Pierpoint/Dr. Knox. Keeping Mr Reynard at bay is another reason why I will probably not get past the day dreaming stage.



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