Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rock Biscuits


I came across this advertisement today in an old magazine which I was paging through. It dates back to 1928. The Rock Biscuit Company also variously known as the Rock Bread & Biscuit Company was situated on the Strand Road, Londonderry at the bottom of Rock Road. As well as a bakery there were also flour mills, (Rock Mills). The mills were constructed in 1846. The combined business was owned and operated by a family by the name of Gilliland, (S. Gilliland & Sons Ltd.) Ultimately and prior to the development of the site for student accomodation the bakery was operated by the Hunter family of Limavady. My recollection is that Ben Hunter of "Hertford", Limavady Road, Londonderry was the last manager of the bakery. I suppose that the bakery must have closed during the 1970's.


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