Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Eggplants Should not be Leggy


This is the first year that I have grown aubergines. I suspect that the vagaries of the summer weather in Northern Ireland would not be conducive to growing them outside so I am providing them with a relatively cosseted billet in the back section of the greenhouse alongside the cucumbers.


Based on the number of purple flowers that are now adorning the plants it looks as if I should have seven or eight fruit from each of them. Perhaps eight plants will prove to be a mite too many! A few of the lower leaves were nibbled by unseen slugs but not sufficiently to prevent the plants establishing themselves. The avaricious gastropods appear to have now disappeared in search of more appetising food.


All but one of the plants have shot up to over a foot in height and accordingly, as recommended, I have pinched out the growing tips. This should keep them stocky and stable.


I wonder when the first moussaka will be called for.


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