Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ducks, Swans and a Run


I managed to drag myself from the comforts of sleep this morning in sufficent time to convey myself to Antrim to partake of the joys and benefits, real and imagined, of their 5k Park Run. Half past nine is really a bit early in the morning for me to be at my modest running best, but hey ho that's the designated time for Park Runs. The weather forecast had foretold heavy showers. Thankfully Mr. Fish's employers were wrong in this instance. It wasn't that warm but it was bright and brisk and the rain was absent.


The start line for the run was on the banks of the Six Mile Water River about one hundred yards from where it enters Lough Neagh. The assembled ducks and swans seemed relatively uninterested and undisturbed by the one hundred and six humans who had decided to expend some early morning calories.


This was the first tine that I had attended this particular Park Run. The only downside to the route was a barrier across the riverside path which necessitated a shimmy through the gap in the barrier. Thankfully there was no one particularly close to me on the outward route or the return journey so I was able to get through the gap without too much delay or without digging my elbows into anyone running alongside of me. I was aiming to beat my age category best time for this venue. Thankfully it wasn't too onerous a target and I managed to better it by just over a minute. Not a brilliant time but the benefit of the dear old age tables tells me that my time equates to about 15.30 for an under 35 year old runner. I would have settled for that in the day!


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