Tuesday, 15 July 2014

All Fenced In



It may not be the Mason-Dixon Line but methinks it is as straight. I spent the bank holiday erecting a new post and wire fence with the assistance of a friend. Well if the truth be known it was my mate who carried out the bulk of the work and I was the gofer. He was the individual with the practical knowledge. I was merely the person who carried out his instructions.


I had been meaning to replace the fence that runs alongside the county road for some time. Posts had rotted and wire had sagged and I was in imminent danger of a cattle incursion. I took the advice of my friend as to the fencing requirements. Strainers, posts, barbed wire, sheep fencing and staples were duly purchased. The bill was for a trifle over £200. Not, I think, too bad for a seventy metre stretch. The fencing came in 50m rolls so I am left with 30m and there is 60m of barbed wire remaining. No doubt this will be needed at sometime.




  1. The National Trust employed a contractor to erect miles of fencing at Divis and Black Mountain. They must have a special contraption which operates like a pile-driver - it's all so straight and tight. Remarkable.

  2. Yes I do think that contractors use something akin to a pile-driver. That wasn't necessary for my modest stretch.