Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rootless in Northern Ireland

Not long ago I met a Canadian Couple on a domestic flight. Well I thought they were a couple, a wife with a slightly younger and bored husband. Certainly they were travelling in tandem but it transpired that they were mother and son. Lucky that I hadn't stuck my size tens in it!

Anyhows we got into conversation. They were on a quest for their, "roots." It seemed to be the mother who was the instigator of their transatlantic quest. They had been in Jersey on the first leg of their search but apparently their lead had proved to be incorrect. They were now heading to Lisburn with a few names and addresses hoping that these as yet unknown individuals would turn out to be third or fourth cousins or at least sharing some smidgein of consanguinity. I think that I might have carried out some more intensive preparatory work before flitting across the pond. They hadn't checked out any of the census records, nor the emigration records. I suggested that they might contact the Linenhall Library. They hadn't heard of it.



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