Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Quick, Quick, Sloe


They say that a bountiful supply of berries in our hedgerows is a presage of a hard winter. On that basis it is going to be a very uncomfortable few months. I have already pulled eight pounds of blackberries.


Today's amble around the back field found me picking sloes. Most of the leaves have already dropped from the blackthorn bushes and the sloes are easily seen though not particularly easy to pick without drawing blood on the long thorns. There is quite a lot of picking in even a pound of sloes. I managed to pick three and a half pounds of fruit this morning. A return trip should yield a similar quantity. That will provide me with a sufficent quantity for a batch of chutney, some sloe jelly and the requisite infusion for a few bottles of sloe gin. I think that I will now move my attention to the damsons.


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