Friday, 3 October 2014

Damson Produce

I paddled around the fields today to pick the available damsons. The damson trees are all in the back field. The local farmer who takes the fields on agistment allows his cattle to wander between the home field and the back field but his bovine friends were all in the home field today

I didn't manage to crop a high percentage of the available fruit. Most of it was just too high up to permit of picking from terra ferma. That said I managed to bring home something in excess of eight pounds. Looking up through the branches of the trees you can view the out of reach clumps of lush ripe fruit.

Farmer Giles has placed twelve young heifers in the fields to avail of the last grass growth. They are inquisitive animals. They did eventually discover that I was within their area of mastication and ambled towards this trespasser of their territory. Whilst one can shoo them away they soon forget their moment of fright and they return intent upon discovering the identity of the human interloper in their sylvan pastures.


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