Sunday, 21 September 2014

Demise of the Classics.

It must be in excess of three years since I started to go along to the meetings of a classic reading group. They have been held in one of the local libraries on a monthly basis.


I should perhaps make clear that this is not a group of individuals who have graduated in the humanities and are meeting up to practice their Ancient Greek. No. The truth is much more prosaic. When I refer to,"classic," in this context I am referring to Penquin Classics and similar, - novels for the most part from the nineteenth century.


Initially there would have twelve or fourteen individuals who sauntered along to discuss that month's literary choice, sip their coffee and munch their biscuits. The number of attendees has however declined. Filial transportation duties prevented my own attendance at the beginning of the month. I did however visit the library at the heals of last week to pick up the choice for October's meeting. There wasn't one. No one had attended the September meeting. It seems as if I must excise this event from my calendar.


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