Monday, 29 September 2014

Caw House, Londonderry

I suppose one would have to be at least fifty to have any real memory of Caw House. This property, originally owned by the Alexanders was for the most part of the twentieth century owned by the Cooke family. The house and immediate lands were ultimately sold for development. Today, "Bridgewater," and its thirty odd dwellings occupies the site of the house and its immediate grounds. The above photograph is of a watercolour by Emerson H . Babington, (son of Sir Anthony Brutus Babington.) This watercolour was I think painted in the late 1960's. The Babingtons and Cookes were related by marriage. During the inter war years Caw House was oft the venue for the emptying of the local hunt's stirrup cup. Thomas Fitzpatrick Cooke and his wife were the last owner occupiers of the property.



  1. Thank you NS for posting info and painting of Caw House. I have Alexander and Cooke ancestors. I have a hunch if related to each other distantly. Both surnames having left Scotland/Ireland early 1700s America. Im old school as well! Enjoyed subject. Laurel Black Chandler Ill USA.

  2. My mother Vera Eaton lived on Clooney Road from the early twenties. She often spoke of the Cooke's of Caw Brae. A rural character used to call at my granny's house who said he was The Machinahoo. Not sure of spelling... My granny fed him and he brought her a loaf given to him at the back door of Caw House. The loaf was much inspected and admired?