Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Back Training


The end of August was the end of track and field for another year. Thankfully I did not suffer any debilitating injuries and probably as a result of this I managed to improve on my previous year's times. A temporary victory against old Father Time and his scythe!


For the past two weeks we have had what counts as recovery or active rest time. No speed sessions, no hill sessions, no drills sessions, just twenty five or thirty miles a week of easy runs. Yesterday however we returned to organised and tailored training. The first targeted race is only two weeks away, the Northern Ireland road relay championships at Victoria Park. Thereafter most of the training group will be aiming to compete in the Home Countries, (and Ireland) Masters cross country races. I have a well known antipathy to mud and squelch so I don't imagine that I will be persuaded to run in the qualifying race unless I can be assured of manicured grass and dry and regular underfoot conditions. I should be safe!


After a warm up we embarked upon a six kilometre, (unfortunately proper measurement was not employed), AT run. This entailed two laps of an undulating course. I completed the first lap in twelve minutes with the second lap being slightly quicker, (eleven minutes thirty four seconds). I don't know if I would have wanted to or indeed have been able to run it much quicker. The session ended with six uphill strides of about fifty metres.


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