Friday, 21 March 2014

Leeks before the Sauce


T'was not the most inviting day to venture into the great outdoors. A synopsis of today's weather might have read, "cold, windy and showery. " Despite these damming words I persuaded myself that I should risk the potential agony of blood finally managing to course its way to the end of my digits at the end of the day when the warmth of the great indoors was achieved again.

My first task was to discover sufficent dead wood to provide the raw material to feed the woodburner over the weekend. That elemental need fulfilled I paddled off to the relative shelter of the vegetable garden to decide upon tonight's accompaniment for the dinner platter. At this time of year the fresh selection is rather limited. Spring greens, perpetual spinach, chard, swede or leeks were the potential nominees for inclusion on the menu. After a modicum of indecision I determined upon leeks as my selection for tonight's repast. The notion of leeks in cheese sauce was rather appealing.


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