Wednesday, 12 March 2014

End of the Potato Crop


I have to concede that I omitted to dig up all of my main crop potatoes in late autumn. The relatively mild winter has however meant that the tubers have over wintered without being frosted and surprisingly there is no evidence of slug damage.


Today was the day that I managed to dig up the balance of the crop. There was about two stone of potatoes to unearth. By the time the last of these have been consigned to the pot this year's crop will be planted and their haulms may even be appearing.


I suppose I could manage to make myself totally self sufficent so far as potatoes are concerned if I were to heat up the late winter soil with a covering of black polythene and plant, "earlies," through slits in it. Still I will have managed to have home grown potatoes for nearly nine months.


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