Monday, 24 March 2014

Herb Bed


Despite having planted the mint plants in pots they had managed to escape their plastic confines and were fighting it out with the tarragon plants for supremacy of the herb plot. I had little option but to dig up the miscreants.


Up until now I was allowing the tarragon to grow freely in the soil but I have now elected to grow it in a similar manner to the mint and I have placed a few of the budding stools in large sunken pots. Hopefully the severely curtailed growing area will be sufficent. I have also repositioned the chives. Perhaps I have one or two plants more than I really need but I do like their tight purple flowers and I do enjoy the mild alium flavour of the chopped leaves sprinkled through mashed potato. The curry plant and the the lavender plant look a bit stragley after the winter so I will probably give them both a good short back and sides.


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