Friday, 25 March 2016

The Good Old Days

Nostalgia may be the perogative of the elderly. If it is then time is telling me something. That is somewhat disconcerting if not actually frightening. I have to concede however that I indulged in a touch of nostalgia tonight. BBC 4 were showing an eposode of, "The Good Old Days," a programme which itself was a nostalgic trip back to the heyday of the variety show. The audience were dressed up in Victorian and Edwardian garb. For thirty years from 1953 this programme was essential Sunday night viewing. Mein host was the indomitable Leonard Sachs. His verbose and flamboyant introductions of the acts are seared on my memory. Even as a young child this was one of the television programmes that I was allowed to stay up late to watch. I am glad that I have those memories. At the end of every episode the audience gave a hearty rendition of, " Down at the Old Bull and Bush." Strictly themselves! Happy memories. Memories of a more orderly world, a slower world a world that has disappeared. Nostalgia.


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