Friday, 11 March 2016

A Very British Gin.


I fancied a tipple of gin yesterday as a prepandial. Unfortunately there was a dearth of juniper juice in the butler's pantry. That being the case I was obliged to source my evening snorter at a local off licence.

The usual brands hogged the shelves but my attention was drawn to a rather unusually shaped dark bottle with the name, "Bulldog," highlighted in white letters. The labelling promised me, "an exotic blend of twelve natural botanicals from 8 different countries along with the highest quality British wheat and water." It claimed a creamy and flavoursome taste balanced with natural poppy and dragon. I decided to invest in a bottle of this aspirational nectar. Unfortunately I have to report that I found it rather bland and soapy. Perhaps my jaded taste buds just react better to less subtle flavours.



  1. Wasn't aware of it. Do you mix it with tonic water? I've been reverting to the prosaic Gordon's lately. Tim.

  2. Yes tonic. Perhaps if I had added Fever-Tree rather than Schweppes the result might have been better.

  3. I don't think artisanal gins are worth the money. My local gin is Sipsmith, distilled down the road in Chiswick, and it costs £29.45 a bottle or more. I stick to whatever is on special offer at Waitrose.