Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tumbling Tom Tomatoes.

I decided to grow some trailing tomatoes this year in addition to the normal cordon varieties. The seeds were purchased mail order from Marshalls. The variety chosen was Tumbling Tom, (yellow).

I can't remember exactly how many seeds were in the packet but I do remember thinking that they were quite expensive. Six seeds germinated. After pricking out I grew them on in three inch pots for some four weeks before transplanting them into their permanent homes, a series of ten inch pots resting on the benching.

The fruit are of course small, not much larger than a marble but they are quite sweet. I do find it difficult to resist eating two or three every evening when I am performing my watering tasks. At that time of day they still retain the warmth of the sun and as I am eating them straight from the plant I cannot but take in that very distinct aroma of the fresh tomato.

This is undoubtedly a prolific cropper and I would think that I will get at least one and a half pounds of fruit per plant. What might put me off growing this variety again is that it does seem to be rather susceptible to botrytis.




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