Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Victorian Retirement Gift

The Illuminated Address is something I associate with the Victorian age. Invariably they were presented to valued and respected individuals upon their retirement or some other milestone event. The language employed tends to be rather flowery, certainly by modern day standards, and the decoration on the Address similarly so.

One recipient of such a laudatory gift was James Thompson Macky JP of Belmont Londonderry when he retired from the Agency of the Derry Branch of the Bank of Ireland in 1870. The subscribers to the gift included the following.

The Lord Bishop of Derry.

William McCorkell & Co

William Aiken & Son

Lord Claud Hamilton

The Mayor

Capt. Maturin

Herdman & Co

Capt. McClintock

Michael King

William Miles

Pitt Skipton

R. L. Ogilby

Robert Macrory

John Christy & Co.

Major James Beresford

David Gilles

Joseph Dysart

Maturin Baird

Archeson Lyle.




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