Monday, 29 June 2015

Greenhouse Gardening


It would be nice to have a heated greenhouse. The late frosts proved to be the death knell for several of the tomato plants and peppers which I had growing on. Even the plants which survived the frosts were held back. Looking at my notes and photographs from last year I would calculate that my personal Northern Ireland growing season is some three weeks behind schedule. My tomato plants, (Ailsa Craig), are throwing their third truss. I do not expect that I will be pulling tomatoes until the beginning of August. The exception to this will be the fruit from the tumbler tomatoes which I have in pots on the staging.

I managed to sow the seed for my sweet peppers and chilli peppers a little earlier than usual. That together with the fact that I kept most of them in the in-house propogator as long as possible has meant that I am already witnessing their small white flowers and I would be hopeful that this should prove to be a a year of abundant crops.


Elsewhere in the greenhouse the aubergines are growing apace. I am awaiting the first of their purple flowers and the rich darkness of the fruit that will follow on. I suspect that moussaka may be on the menu before autumn. As with the tomato plants the cucumbers and gherkins, ( three plants of each) are some weeks behind their forebearers of last year.





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