Friday, 10 April 2015

The Orchard - Stage 2.

Two years ago I started to create a small orchard and nuttery. Stage one resulted in me planting ten trees comprising four cob trees and six apples. The latter were split evenly between cookers and eaters. At the time I decided to plant maiden apple whips but looking back I now wish that I had spent the extra few pounds and gone for feathered maidens. I suppose that I am just impatient and expecting quicker growth and productivity than is realistic.

This year I executed stage two of the master plan and have planted a further ten trees, all bare rooted specimens. They seem to be taking alright with the leaf buds swelling by the day. The trees included in this second planting were as follows:-

Plum Tree - Czar

Plum Tree - Victoria


Cherry - Stella

Cherry - Summer Sun

Cherry - Crown Morello

Pear - Beurre Hardy

Pear - Conference

Pear - Williams

Quince - Cydonia Oblonga


With a bit more clearance I think that I will have enough room for a further five trees. That however will be a task for next winter. I am not even quite sure what trees I will choose to complete the orchard with. Perhaps a mulberry and some more apples.


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