Sunday, 19 April 2015

Onion Business

A little late I know but I have finally managed to plant the onion sets. I had purchased them some four weeks ago but the work on my embryonic orchard had delayed work on the onion beds. Still the sets are now planted. I had purchased two brown bags of onion sets, Stutgar and Red Baron. I was pleased that I was able to buy the sets by weight and not in a prepacked plastic covering. That said being forced to purchase items which are measured in grammes rather than in stolid ounces is rather disconcerting. The bags declared their weight as being 500g and the cost was £1.99 per bag. Between the two varieties I had some 260 sets so about 1.5p per embryonic onion. Hopefully not too many of the crop will bolt. That is the danger with onion sets. Growing onions from seed gets round the bolting problem to a great extent but other problems then present themselves noteably succeptability to onion fly. I have found that onions grown from seed do tend to store better than those from sets. The flesh is I think tighter and maybe that is why they store better.


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