Sunday, 29 March 2015

Queen's 5k


Wednesday evening just past was cold, not really an inviting environment in which to strip down to shorts and singlet and attempt to race. Despite the negative weather conditions I attended the Queen's 5k along with various of my club colleagues and forced myself to toe the starting line.

Due to the numbers of participants, (entries were closed at 750), I was some distance back from the actual start line. However there was chip timing so to some extent that downside was answered. I say to some extent because you still have to force your way through the individuals who have positioned themselves in the first few rows of runners although their pbs would warrant a start position much further back. The members of one particular running club were very visibly guilty of this breach of running etiquette. Despite the temptation to do so I will refrain from naming and shaming the club concerned. I won't even mention the predominant colour of their singlets. Tempting mind you!

This was my first running of this particular event. I don't know whether I will race it again. The corners are very tight and there really were too many participants. I didn't run quite as fast as I had hoped but I suppose you could describe it as a stolid performance. In any event it was sufficent to get me in to the prize list with a second position in my age category.



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