Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Gas and Gaiters

Last weekend I was flitting through the freeview channels, television and radio. Suddenly I heard a voice from the past, that of the actor Robertson Hare, (Archdeacon Henry Blount.) I was taken back some fifty years, back to the initial showings of All Gas and Gaiters on the BBC. I really enjoyed the programme then and the radio versions which are now being broadcast brought back happy memories of a time when worry didn't exist.

The first couple of series were definitely from the days of black and white television. The George Mitchell Singers were just about at their apogee when Rev. Noote, (pronounced Newt.) was ambling around the close of St Ogg's Cathedral. I suppose Derek Nimo was the star of the show. This was to be the first of his bumbling clerical roles and I would rate it as his most successful.


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