Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Alfie Moore - Laughing at the Policeman

It has been a few years since I have had to delve into my wardrobe in search of the old DJ. However an invitation to a dinner on Friday week past required me to press it into service again. Unfortunately I didn't know anyone at the repaste. It was one of those situations where one makes small talk to individuals who you will never see again.

Thankfully the nosh was above average for these events and there was only one formal speech to be endured and it lasted ten minutes at most. The after dinner speaker was the comic Alfie Moore. Unlike most of the individuals at my table I had heard of him and had listened to one of his radio 4 shows. For the majority of mankind who have not come across Alfie Moore I should explain that he was a serving police officer for eighteen years and his act is loosely based on his work experiences. He is apparently on a sabbatical from his police career. I suppose that those who pigeonhole comedians by reference to their comedic style would say that his humour was of the observational variety. He managed to attract a certain amount of laughter. Personally I prefer a raconteur as as an amusing diversion after the coffee and mints have been devoured. Maybe that's another age marker.

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