Monday, 12 November 2012

Garvagh Heritage Trail

Photo by permission of Garvagh Development Trust

I recently came across a short booklet produced by Garvagh Development Trust and entitled, "Garvagh - Journey of Discovery." This is in effect an updated version of, "Garvagh's Hidden Treasures and Secret Places," which was brought out some ten years ago. Presentationally the  new production is fresh and vibrant.. The photographers have managed, fortuitously, to take all their photographs on one or other of those few pet days in a Northern Irish summer when it is not overcast.

Whilst the booklet is most obviously aimed at the visitor to the area it  should also remind the local of what places and sights of interest are on his or her doorstep. I found the potted histories on members of the Heyland family of particular interest. I may well be prompted to delve deeper into the lives of Major Heyland and his son General A. T. Heyland. 

In the centre of the booklet is a map highlighting the position of the buildings and sights described in the publication. This has been very usefully incorporated into the Trust's website, ( on an interactive basis, with a thumbnail photograph and a short description of  the building or sight to be viewed at the particular location popping up when you, "hit," the circled number. This will, I think, appeal to children in particular.

Monetary considerations are always a restricting factor when publishing any guide book or pamphlet. Perforce the information included must be a summary of what could be included. For those who wish to gain greater insight into the sights and history of the area perhaps the Trust may wish to  consider collating the plethora of information that must surely be available and having that available on their website.

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